Each agent derives its name by its average dimensions: 

AGENT 86 = Width - 8" x Height - 6" Depth - (x 3.5")

AGENT 66 = Width - 6" x Height - 6" Depth - (x 3.5") 

Agent 86-J "JUMBO" = Width - 8" x Height - 6" Depth - (x 4.5")

AGENT 66-K "KOMPAKT" = Width - 6" x Height - 6" Depth - (x 2.5")


Description: Useful/Fast, Incredibly Strong/Durable and Handsome - Designed in that order.



A general purpose case which requires 1 very full week to carefully construct.


It's hard to convey how much hard work and time goes into constructing these items or the beautiful quality of materials used. My goal was to build a case that with simple care should hopefully last you lifetime and be easy to use.

For camera use, these are built far better than the good old days in my honest opinion (I collect old hand-sewn camera/hunting cases) and hope Agent will become a constant companion that will only get better and more distinctive with time. 

I have no interest in luxury, only the highest quality. Because these cases are designed solely around their use, it is my hope that they will prove to be timeless as well. I believe the open plan interior should be future proof.    

Q. Who uses our cases?

A. Some of the biggest names in photography, photo-journalism and film/cinematography to enthusiests  or those just starting out. 




Entirely hand sewn using only the finest equestrian hides, fittings and fixtures.

Porsche button closure. Super soft suede lining. Quilted Grosgrain padded insert (plus dividers in 86 & 86-J).


If you might prefer added space, our UHL lens cases are fully compatible.

Backpack straps are available (see catalog)

Each Agent type above can be made "Special" meaning two tone colour - Conker and Black. Please get in touch anytime for more details.




AGENT 86: Great for a Leica M or any similar sized camera and a spare lens. Or maybe you prefer Binoculars and a field book, etc. What ever your purpose, our cases are built to last.

AGENT 66: Same as above, just a bit more compact. Perfect for a single Leica M with mounted lens or the Leica X2, X-VARIO or similar sized cameras. More pictures of the interior are available at the bottom of the page.

AGENT 86-J "JUMBO" : Again, same as Agent 86 above, just 1" of added depth (front to back). Added room for for larger accessories, items like the new M240 "`Smart" grip - GPS. More photos below.

AGENT 66-K "KOMPAKT": Same as Agent 66 Above, only 1" subtracted depth (Front to Back). Uses: M Lenses / Compact Cameras / Film / Accessories 





All Agent 86 cases ship with a removable padded insert + divider. (No divider in Agent 66)

Each case will be embossed with your order number and up to 3 initials.

Price includes our beautiful double billet shoulder strap. (Cushioned shoulder pad sold separately for £75)

Prices: 66-K vs. 66 vs. 86 vs 86-J 
Vintage Brown Hide: £725 / £750 / 775 / £875
Conker Tan Hide: £725 / £750 / £775 / £875
Black Hide: £700 / £725 / £750 / £850

Photo Below: Agent 86 -J "Jumbo" vs standard Agent 86 comparison (1 inch difference) 





Photo Below:

 Vintage Brown Hide/Black Linen Thread

Black Hide / Black Linen Thread


Photo Below: Conker Tan Hide / Black Linen Thread